One Man Show studio / Tassos Papaioannou


Doctor, for “Seear Playground”

I was asked by Stavros Kypraios (aka faze) to take part in his seear 2011 project. The theme of this year’s seear was the playground. I got to design around the “doctor” game, so I came up with a typography illustration (done in photoshop) for the classic-playing-doctor-phrase: “Show me yours, I’ll show you mine”.

My artwork is a companion piece to “Dr.” song by Dimitris Poulopoulos (aka Jim Ver). You can listen/download the song from here.

You may see the full exhibition (artworks/tracks) here!

Seear Playground took place at “Vrissaki” (Plaka, Athens) from 11.11 to 13.11.2011.


Year: 2011