One Man Show studio / Tassos Papaioannou


Hi there!

My name is Tassos Papaioannou and this is the website of my One Man Show studio. I gave this name to the studio, because I’m working in many fields, such as illustration, graphic design, comics, photography, publications, decoration, e-radio production, journalism and more.  The studio is running since 2008 but I’m working as a freelance designer since 2001.

Also, I’m running a publishing house that is specialized in comic books -mostly- by Greek comic artists and is called Giganto Books. Giganto is a decade old and all these years has published more than 30 comic books & art books.

Apart from One Man Show studio and Giganto books, I’m co-running another studio, with best friend Penny Zevoli, which is called Friday I’m in Love (aka FIIL) and is specialized in design for events (especially weddings). All the things that we do at FIIL are custom-made for each client.

Lately, I team-up with my girlfriend under the name These are a Few of our Favorite Things. We design the same-titled fanzine, sock animals & other favorite things and we are also taking part in exhibitions.

Last but not least, since April 2014, I have a morning job as the Art Director of ActionAid Hellas, in Athens.

That’s all for now. Soon, I’ll upload more info on this page about distinctions/exhibitions/lectures & more.


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